Lunch Gathering with the Girls

April 15 2015

I LOVE long lunches spent lounging outside in the fresh air on a warm sunny day. Add to that a beautiful table setting set under a big beautiful old tree in the garden, and you’ve got the perfect setting to relax and enjoy amazing food and great company.

In today’s feature gathering, I teamed up with my friend Lily from The Details Co (an Event Management and Styling company based here in Melbourne), invited a few girls around and spent the afternoon enjoying a late lunch under one of my favourite trees in the backyard.


Lunch Gathering  |  Gather & Feast


For the styling of the table, we used a natural colour palette as our base… natural wood (a recycled wooden pallet table), whites (bentwood chairs and a muslin cloth), greys (napkins and cutlery), with a little pop of colour (stunning autumnal toned dahlias with white tulips). I also used the textures and tones from the serving plates and bowls to add some subtle interest and detail to the overall table setting.

To serve the food I used my NEW favourite Marble Basics range, my well-loved grey Mud ceramic selection along with a few little Bridget Bohdem delights (cutest little jug ever!). The place cards and menus were sketched by Lily (I wish my handwriting was as good as hers!).


Lunch Gathering  |  Gather & Feast


For the menu we enjoyed a lush cheese board with fresh figs and honeycomb, then a selection of salads and bruschetta (all vegetarian dishes). To finish off we had a beautiful citrus and olive oil cake with pink grapefruit and rose glaze, a vanilla baked stone fruit galette and green tea with a selection of dark chocolate and dehydrated oranges. YUM!


Lunch Gathering  |  Gather & Feast


  • Cheeseboard with fresh figs and honeycomb
  • Bruschetta with fresh ricotta, figs, honey and thyme
  • Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil
  • Quinoa, seed and pomegranate salad
  • Roasted beetroot and carrot salad
  • Potato with red onion and chives
  • Citrus and olive oil spelt cake with pink grapefruit and rose glaze
  • Vanilla and stone fruit galette with vanilla bean mascarpone
  • Dark chocolate and dehydrated oranges


  • Recycled wooden pallet table
  • White bentwood chairs
  • Muslin cloth
  • Grey linen napkins
  • Vintage silver cutlery
  • Rectangular shaped plates
  • Dahlias in autumnal tones and white tulips
  • Two-cylinder vases
  • Grey card and white pens (and someone with great handwriting)
  • Serving platters and boards (I used a selection of marble, Mud Australia ceramics and wood)


I’m hoping to upload all of these recipes on the site over the next few months for you to enjoy!




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