G&F - Food Photography Workshop


I am SUPER excited to be hosting, along with my husband Mike, our first Gather & Feast food photography workshop!! 

Whether you’re a creative, a blogger or a small business owner wanting to take your photography to the next level, this workshop is for you! Join us for a fun day of teaching, strategy, hands-on classes, and a look into the world of G&F, as well as enjoying lots of beautiful food. Yea! ☺

Together we will cover building and developing your own personal brand, social media tips, tricks and strategies, photography basics (manual camera settings, lenses, lighting, composition, angles, etc), the Gather & Feast workflow (styling, photography, media management, editing, processing, delivery), and hands-on scene creation, shooting and post production.

The classes will have a relaxed ‘hands-on approach’ and we encourage you to bring and use your own gear during the workshop. There will also be props and backgrounds available on site to help style the food.

The event will take place at Melbourne’s ‘The Establishment Studios’ in Prahran, beginning at 10am and finishing at 4pm.

It’s going to be an amazing day! Check out all the deets below and let me know if you have any questions.

Only a limited number of spots available... don’t miss out!





Eventbrite - Gather & Feast - Food Photography Workshop


The Establishment Studios

The Establishment Studios  |  Image by: Eve Wilson




Hosted by Michael & Ashley Alexander



10AM - 4PM

The Establishment Studios
23 Grattan Street, Prahran, Victoria 3181

The workshop is for:

  • Beginner / advanced
  • Those who want to take their food photography to the next level
  • Content creators
  • Creative directors / social media managers
  • Freelancers

What you’ll need:

The workshop will cover:

  • The G&F story - a behind the scenes look
  • Building and developing your own personal brand
  • Social media tips, tricks, and strategies
  • Photography basics (manual camera settings, lenses, lighting, composition, angles, etc)
  • Gather & Feast styling, photography and post production workflow (media management, editing, processing, delivery)
  • Hands-on scene creation, shooting, post production
  • Q&A

The workshop includes:

  • A day of classes and hands-on sessions
  • A specially curated G&F gift box 
  • Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and refreshments
  • Access to surfaces and props
  • Social media templates

What to bring:

  • A digital camera (DSLR recommended)
  • Laptop + editing software
  • Something to take notes in









Ashley is a self-taught cook, recipe developer and stylist from Melbourne, Australia. In 2014, along with her husband Mike, Ashley launched ‘Gather & Feast’, a website featuring beautiful healthy food and free recipes and resources for styling gatherings with ease and confidence. To celebrate the launch of Gather & Feast, Ashley also released her first eBook; ‘Morning, Noon & Night’, containing over 40 of her favourite original recipes, brought to life through stunning photography. Through creative direction and style perfection, Ashley documents her ‘gatherings’ and ‘feasts’ in a unique way that is easily recognizable by the depth she brings to her recipes and content. Ashley has developed and styled recipes for a number of clients including Loving Earth, WellCo, The Design Files, Pana Chocolate and Chigo Design. She has been featured in various publications, most recently the Huffington Post, Woman’s Day, Elle, Zeit Magazine, Martha Stewart, Camille Styles, Where Women Cook, and The Design Files. When she’s not in the kitchen, Ashley can be found exploring farmers markets and gourmet food stores, discovering her new favourite gelato flavour, and visiting Melbourne’s new city cafes and restaurants.




Mike is a Melbourne-based creative director who has been working in film, photography, motion and design for over 10 years. He has travelled the world filming and directing documentaries, music videos and television shows in first and third world countries. His various travels and experiences have played an important role in influencing his unique visual style and storytelling. Along with his wife Ashley, Mike is the co-founder of ‘Gather & Feast’; a website featuring beautiful healthy food and free recipes and resources. Mike handles the technical side of Gather & Feast along with the branding, photography and post production. When he’s not consuming the delicious food that his wife is recipe testing, Mike can be found cleaning up the dishes, brewing an amazing coffee and watching anything Star Wars.


The Establishment Studios

The Establishment Studios  |  Image by: Tom Ross



Eventbrite - Gather & Feast - Food Photography Workshop



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