Mango, Lime & Toasted Coconut Smashed Pavlova with White Chocolate

November 30 2022

This week's new recipe is a delicious mango, lime and toasted coconut smashed pavlova with white chocolate. Perfect for the holidays (here in Aus).

These flavour combinations just scream summer. And the great thing about a ‘smashed pav’ is you really can't mess it up. It gets served in a large bowl, the top is cracked and removed to make way for the fillings, and then the cracked top is scattered over the fillings. It's the easiest way to prepare a pav without the fear of the toppings sliding off or the meringue falling in.

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Chocolate & Passionfruit Layer Cake

November 15 2022

I’m excited to be partnering with Miele today to bring you this delicious chocolate and passionfruit layer cake.

You definitely have to try this one. It's relatively simple to make but with show-stopping results - perfect for any special occasion. The rich chocolate paired with the fresh passionfruit is unexpectedly delicious.

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Pear, Dark Chocolate & Caramelised Pecan Cake

August 18 2022
A super easy and delicious one-bowl no-fuss cake.
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Oat, Coconut & Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies

August 17 2022
I've had so many recipe requests for these 'bitsy' choc chunk cookies.
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Orange & Blueberry Cake with Warm Orange Glaze

July 15 2022
Sweet and moist, and the perfect dessert cake.
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