Green Beans with Almonds, Lemon & Parmesan

December 23 2021

This week's new recipe is the most delicious green bean side with roasted almonds, lemon, garlic, and a tiny touch of parmesan.

You're definitely going to want to make these, they're probably my favourite side dish. And bonus points for being so quick and easy to make too.

They’re delicious served hot straight from the pan or perfect (and my favourite) served at room temperature, which also makes it easy if you're hosting an event as you can prepare them in advance.

Hope you enjoy this one! Trust me, you’ll want to eat the whole plate of these.

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Fruit Mince Pies

December 15 2021

This week's new recipe is these delicious texture-filled fruit mince pies. Bursting with flavour and the perfect mix of spices, these pies make the perfect treat any time of year, but especially on Christmas Day. They're also ideal for take-home Christmas treats.

Enjoy them at room temperature or with fresh vanilla whipped cream or ice-cream.

They will keep stored in an airtight container in the pantry or fridge for about a week. You can also make the pie filling ahead of time and store it in an airtight jar or container in the fridge for a few weeks before making the pies.

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White Chocolate Chunk Shortbread with Caramelised Fennel Seed

December 7 2021
It's so hard to convey just how good these shortbread cookies are.
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Savoury Thyme, Sage & Parmesan French Toast

November 24 2021
The perfect lunch or lazy dinner.
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Triple Chocolate Baked Cheesecake

November 20 2021
This one is definitely a celebration cake and is perfect for entertaining.
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Fennel, Blood Orange & Avocado Salad with Roasted Cashews

November 17 2021
This salad is super easy, looks beautiful, and the contrasting textures and flavours work so well.
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